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В2004 году приезжала в Москву в командировку остановилась в этой гостинице. Была просто довольна обслуживанием, и гостепреимством. В номерах полный порядок, уют. После работы не о чем не думая, можно отдохнуть, расслабиться. А какой вид из окна просто как на ладошке вся Москва, спасибо большое персоналу. Добавил: Елена E-mail: l.i.h@mail.ru Дата: 03.06.2005 в 14.55.55

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Лоей Бронирование туров и гостиниц .: Забронировать Описание Loei’s unspoilt scenery, cool weather and fabulous national parks are the reasons so many visitors head here. Phu Kradung National Park and the area around Chiang Khan are very popular spots. Phu Kradung is a bell-shaped mountain with a large plateau on top at 1,300 metres where there are forests, trekking routes and plentiful animals. The trek to the top is about 6 kilometres and takes around 4.5 hours, but the views and weather are spectacular. Phu Rua National Park is a similar mountain hideaway, with trekking routes and spectacular scenery, particularly at the summit where you can see Laos and the Mekong River. The high plateau of Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is home to both forest and savannah, plus a variety of animals and wild orchids. Loei produces high-quality hand-woven cotton products, especially blankets to withstand the cold. The Cotton Blossom Festival, held every February, is a popular tourist attraction. Another big festival draw is the ghostly procession of Phi Ta Khon at Dan Sai, where villagers wearing outlandish costumes and brandishing phallic symbols kick off the rain-making season in June. The province has long been a favourite destination for nature lovers, most of whom come to scale the famous mesa mountain Phu Kradueng. The other two of Loei`s triple lofty treats are Phu Luang, within whose range lies a wildlife reserve, and Phu Rua. Best time to go is November to April. Hiking trails on the summit of Phu Kradueng lead through changing landscapes, from flower dotted meadows to pine forests to waterfalls. The mountain is part of a national park and a natural habitat for rare orchids, birds and wildlife including the tailed turtle, or Tao Pulu. Phu Luang, nicknamed "Emerald of the Northeast" is known for its biodiversity. A wide array of wild orchids, ferns and wildflowers make hiking along its trails a delight. Phu Rua, or Mount Boat, is marked by a landscape of sandstone cliffs and oddly shaped formations created by wind and rains. The hiking trails are relatively easy.